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Video players
CorePlayer v1.3.0.sis
[1992kb] [supports for all s60v2nd editions] [NEW]
CorePlayer v1.3.0 (greatricky).sis
[1998kb] [cracked greatricky] [NEW]
SmartMovie v4.0 (trial).sis
[504kb] [install patch.sis and run to play files] [pc keygen.rar] [NEW]
CorePlayer v1.2.0.sis
[1800kb] [pc] [Details]
Core Player Skins
DivXPlayer v0.89.sis
DivXPlayer (lite) v0.89.sis
CorePlayer v1.1.2.sis
DivXPlayer v0.88.sis
SmartMovie Skins
SmartMovie v3.41.sis
SmartMovie v3.40.sis
SmartMovie v3.32.sis
SmartMovie v3.25.sis
Crystal2Mobile Player v2.0.sis
EMBLAZE Player v4.00.sis
DivX Player v0.83.sis
Viking DVDPlayer v1.25.sis
TCPMP v0.71.0.sis
Ulead Videostudio.sis

Python v1.4.4.sis
[527kb] [OS 7]
Python v1.4.4.sis
[567kb] [OS 8.0]
Python v1.4.4 (N70/N90).sis
[568kb] [OS 8.1]

Python Script Shell
Script Shell v1.4.4.sis
[24kb] [OS 7]
Script Shell v1.4.4.sis
[29kb] [OS 8.0]
Script Shell v1.4.4.sis
[28kb] [OS 8.1]

Python Module Pack
Module Pack v1.26.sis
Module Pack v1.25.sis

Python Scripts
How to use:
First, install Python and Python Script Shell before you install Misscall.sis. After that install Misscall.sis at the same drive that you install Python. Then open Python, option, run scripts and choose my/